Founded in 1994, the "Friends" have been instrumental in improving Wentworth's

public spaces for over twenty years. 

From Riverside Park to Hamilton Field, our contributions are evident. 

The tennis and basketball courts at Riverside are just an example and could only be made possible by the generosity of local residents and businesses.  

We pride ourselves on the legacy left behind for future generations. 

We understand the difficulties in raising money and awareness for

small events and truly appreciate your support.

How We Work

We are a privately funded non-profit registered with the State of New Hampshire Charitable Trust Unit and are registered with the IRS as a 501(c)3 non-profit.  We rely on donations from both individuals and businesses to further our causes. 

Overseen by a board of three directors and four elected officers, we welcome members of the public to join as members.  No contibution is too small or insignificant.

Every minute and every penny counts.

Meet The Team

How to Join